PICASSO current exhibition in TRAPANI

“Por desgracia uso las cosas según me lo dicta mi pasión.”

                                                      Pablo Picasso



October 11Dicember 8, 2015

Almost 200 works: graphic works, ceramic and two unique artworks in this exhibition curated by Lola Durán Úcar and Stefano Cecchetto.

The works on display at The Pepoli Museum housed in a 14th c. Carmelite Convent, recount all those subjects that were dearest to the great Spanish master as well as his interpretation of reality with the theater and the circus, which he had fallen in love with from the very beginning of his life in Paris together with his friend Gershwin. This was in addition to the ultimate expression of his greatest passion: bullfighting. The exhibition of course would not be complete without a section devoted to his relationships with women and a unique interactive installation to showcase the topic that perhaps most of all made him famous in the world: politics. About politics, the exhibition shows PICASSO in the CUBE (political passion) that is a multimedia installation inspiring by Picasso’s political passion. Here this passion is show by three emblematic paintings: Guernica, 1937, Figura de mujer inspirada en la guerra de España, 1937, Massacre in Korea, 1951. Inside a cube with a multiprojection, every artworks are rielaborated in evocative way.

This exhibition also offers the opportunity to see two unique artworks, the oils Woman’s Head (Tête de femme) 1943, and Self-Portrait 1967, a fundamental work where the artist reveals the entire identity and otherness of his double. All these passions were, undoubtedly, throughout his career, the objects of his quest to redefine extant artistic motifs with his own definitive visual language. He was the only artist of the Twentieth Century who was capable of concerning himself with all the techniques attributable to the art world at the highest levels, as will be seen in this exhibition. Picasso earned the title of Genius because he stopped at nothing and even when he was of a very old age, he sought to challenge himself and to experiment.

This is the challenge of this great show, to make the visitors fully realize the complexity of Picasso, through the more human aspects. Picasso who loomed as one of the titans of the world of art during the last century, continues to strongly influence art, and not only that of our century.


October 11 – Dicember 8, 2015

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